Ben Parfitt

Software Engineer, Creator, Lover of the Outdoors, Food Enthusiast

Current Projects

Past Projects


Facial Tracking Software - Matlab


Designed original facial tracking software to be used alongside remote functional near infrared spectroscopy data collection software written for Brainview Technology. The software will allow remote infrared light to be shone consistently onto a single point on a test subject while images are collected.


Image Analysis Software for Spectroscopy Imaging - Matlab


Engineered original image analysis and data collection software for remote functional near infrared spectroscopy to allow blood oxidation levels to be determined by shining infrared light on a subject from a distance.




B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Hamilton College

I'm a software engineer with a entrepreneurial spirit. I have a love of good food and take full advantage of the great outdoors - from hiking to skiing. I have the most language experience working with Java, Swift, Python, and C++, and of course have used many others - JavaScript, Matlab, Assembly, Scheme, ... - on various personal or academic projects. I have used Firebase as a mobile BaaS for everything from databases to cloud functions (where the JS comes in), but have experience with AWS for various cloud based utilities as well. At the moment my passion lies in backend development for web and mobile apps and app development in general, but that can change with whatever project has grabbed my attention. I always jump at the opportunity to learn new skills and develop new technologies, whatever that might entail.